About LORI

Lori has been a dog lover and a horse fanatic her entire life. When she was 3 years old and living in Virginia at the time, she cried until her parents would let her sit on a horse and then threw a major temper tantrum when they attempted to remove her. (see picture on left) Dogs and Horses are magnetized to her presence from the moment they meet her and stick to her like glue.

She possesses great athletic ability,angelic grace, and invokes her instinctive dance talent into her horsemanship. Lori doesn’t just ride, but seemingly floats on the back of a horse.

For over 15 years Lori has worked on her horsemanship and studied the techniques of many famous clinicians such as Tom Dorrance, Dennis Reis, Clinton Anderson, Monty Roberts, John Lyons, and Buck Brannaman, but has focused her horsemanship training with legendary Chris Cox. ( seen with her in the photo to the right) Lori has been to his ranch in Mineral Wells, Texas numerous times and each time has achieved another certificate of completion in his 5 level program. Chris says, “Lori is very talented and she can look forward to a great career in horses.”

Lori has another gift which is her easy going demeanor which makes learning from her a pleasure. She thoroughly enjoys coaching people to be more effective with their horses. Lori says, “ A horse needs confidence just as much as we do...without it you can not build trust together while earning their respect.”

Lori is also a student of Cesar Milan’s Way with dogs and assists Brian when he goes out into the field to rehabilitate, socialize, and train dogs.
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