Brian O’Hara’s love and desire to communicate with both dogs and horses began in his early childhood. He studied very closely how effective or ineffective different people were when interacting with these majestic animals. The only training methods seemingly popular at the time were either bribery or intimidation. “Prince, my first dog taught me more about dogs then any other human ever could. I use to love to watch him interact with the other dogs...both in play and when he would school his puppies,” says Brian.

Brian grew up surrounded by another one his passions, horses. Teri, his younger sister was an accomplished high level show jumper and in spite of his allergies, he would help her out at the barn when ever he could. “ Teri taught me how to ride and be around horses...she taught me how to earn the horses respect without force or negative consequences,” says Brian.

When Brian was 10 years old, he pursued another horse which did not make his eyes swell shut, the pommel horse. Gymnastics was his dedication and he became a State Champion, Regional Champion, Ranked 3rd in the Nation, and was a member of the Jr. Olympic National Team which toured Europe and he received a scholarship to San Jose State University. SJSU is close to Santa Cruz, so Brian was able to chase after his other love, Surfing. Brian states, “ Surfing is the only thing I can compare to riding a horse because you are riding nature both of which are unpredictable and powerful. But, if the horse doesn’t like you then you are in big trouble!” Brian discovered early on in his life that developing a bond built on trust and mutual respect was the key to communicating your wishes effectively with dogs and horses.

In the mid 90’s, he met a girl named Lori who was a horse fanatic and they would ride horses whenever they could. Thanks to the advancement in allergy medications, Brian was finally able to participate without the agony of severe allergies. They bought their first horse and that’s when they took the plunge... got married and immersed themselves in learning everything they could about horses. They were frustrated by the lack of progressive horse trainers in the Bay Area, so they decided to learn ONLY from the most renowned clinicians where ever they were to be found in the world...and their Journey began.

Brian’s major influences with horses are Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Chris Cox, Dennis Reis, Monty Roberts, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Dr. Robert Cook, Alexander Nevzorov, Clinton Anderson and Buck Brannaman...just to name a few.   Brian has completed all four levels of Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship and also all of the Chris Cox’s Horsemanship levels.  Brian’s main influences in dog training are Cesar MilanNational Geographic Channel’s DOG WHISPERER, Tamar Geller who developed “The Loved Dog” method of dog training, Peter Bloeme who is a World Champion trainer of disc dogs, and Lou McCammon a freestyle World Champion.  Everything Brian has experienced and accomplished thus far in his life has prepared him for success with coaching dogs, horses, and their owners to communicate better by developing a bond through play.  This is the basis of Brian’s PLAY AND TRAIN method that he teaches today.  “ At first, my relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill was for my own interactions with my dogs and horses, but then one person after another would approach me based on what they saw me accomplishing and ask me for help ”, states Brian.  “ The philosophy behind my PLAY AND TRAIN method is simple...the dog or horse and you...MUST be having FUN in order to simultaneously learn while strengthening your bond.”  Brian and Lori are currently based out of a rustic tranquil ranch situated on over 100 acres located in one of the most scenic areas of the South Bay.  They also make HOUSE / RANCH CALLS traveling to where ever their services are needed serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond.  Brian is still extremely dedicated to learning the latest techniques by going to clinics and training under the worlds most respected horsemen ( and horsewomen ) and dog trainers, attending seminars, reading whatever he can gets his hands on, and studying different training DVD’s produced by the best of the best.  He says, “ All you need is an open mind and a pocket full of patience...and you can learn something new everyday of your life...I never want to stop evolving.”

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