Brian is such a natural with teaching adults, kids, horses,
and dogs. We are so fortunate to have found him. He is full of great information and has helped us understand and correct our dog’s misbehavior, plus he is teaching my kids horsemanship and how to ride. Brian makes LEARNING EASY and EXTREMELY FUN!

Eileen and Mark Streller
Scotts Valley, Ca.
  Our dog Eddie tends to be a little neurotic and stand offish towards strangers, but not around Brian and his dog pack. Eddie INSTANTLY took to Brian, who showed us what we needed to do in order for Eddie to behave like a balanced dog. Eddie absolutely loves Brian, Lori, and their pack of dogs. Any time he needs a tune-up with his behavior we can ALWAYS count on them.

Marilyn and John Ludwig
Los Gatos, Ca.
My daughter Amy and I were very upset one Friday evening because we paid a seasoned professional $200 to teach our horse Serifina how to trailer load with no success. She worked with her for over 4 hours without getting one hoof in...and we had a show to go to that Sunday. Brian who happened to be at the ranch that night felt for our plight and agreed to help even though he was on his way home. He had her loading willingly in less than an hour !! Brian is one GIFTED NATURAL HORSEMAN !!!!

Sharon Scripps
San Jose, Ca.
  THANK YOU, Brian, for your time, lessons, and great advice during your visit with Lori and Roamer earlier this Month!! We had a FANTASTIC TIME!! Kevin and I can NOT STOP talking about the amazing and priceless lesson we’ve experienced from your short visit.

Suzy Sung Lee and Tito ( Miniature Daschund )
San Jose, Ca.
I am the kind of guy who trusts about a handful of people who I have met in this world, but I certainly TRUST Brian and his horsemanship skills with my teenage daughter Michelle. I like what Brian is about and enjoy his enthusiasm, especially when I see it being contagious to those around him.

Harry Abbott
Firefighter, SWAT officer, and Entrepreneur
Milpitas, Ca.
  I really appreciate all the e-mails and care you showed to Rhythm - You two really are true horse “lovers” and partners - Thanks also for all your great advice !!!

Suzanne Williams
Willow Glen, Ca.
Brian is one of the most humble, talented, passionate, skillful, and EFFECTIVE person I have ever observed with dogs and horses. Besides that, he is also a BLAST to be around and I look forward to every training session with him. It is no wonder all my animals love and respect him. Brian is without a doubt.....a RENAISSANCE MAN!!!

Aaron Wells
San Jose, Ca.
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