Do you have a behavior problem with your Dog or Horse ?

Then...You have come to the right place !!!!

Hello, I am BRIAN O’HARA and have been helping animals with people problems for over 25 years !

Or maybe you simply want to learn how to ride a horse SAFELY and be EFFECTIVE with your HORSEMANSHIP ...or perhaps you just want your dog to behave and respect your wishes...maybe do a few WOW tricks beyond the basics.

NO PROBLEM !!!   I can teach YOU how to INSPIRE your dog or horse to WANT to perform what you ask of them.

We all have to work on our timing, feel, and balance when being around these incredible animals.  We need to build confidence within ourselves and our animals simultaneously. Fear and self doubt are often caused by a lack of information or understanding.  With dogs and horses, where confidence is a necessary ingredient for success, it's vital to have both understanding and good information.  That's what I offer in my training - the knowledge that provides you the information you need to understand your dog or horse and help them to understand you.  Through knowledge you'll gain the confidence both you and your dog or horse need to establish a better relationship.  I try to learn new techniques as much as possible and by having an OPEN MIND I am assured that I will always be evolving.  This is a MUST because no animal is exactly the same and many times it is the animal who teaches me a new approach... which is why the relationship is so important...because if you don't understand your animal then you can not learn from them. 

Dogs and Horses are very similar in that they both ONLY follow leaders who they TRUST and RESPECT.  Remember , just because you pay the bills or “own” them does not automatically make you their pack leader or herd leader.  We all must EARN this leader position.  Animals don’t care if you had a bad day or just don’t feel like leading today.  In the wild, the leader must be on duty 24 hours a day...7 days a week.   If a leader fails to lead...then another herd or pack member will challenge them for the alpha role.  The leadership or alpha role has to be earned and maintained.  We must communicate with a clear consistent LANGUAGE each animal can understand in order to achieve and hold this lead position.  This language is a combination of ENERGY and BODY LANGUAGE coupled with sounds or simple words.  We all talk to our animals at times and it is very comforting to us to have such eager listeners of our thoughts, but they don’t understand full sentences which I am sure you are aware. 

SURE...dogs and horses can learn voice commands, but the key to getting through is in your ENERGY which is the foundation of this BODY LANGUAGE.  If you are impatient, mad, mean, or angry then your animal will pick up on that and you will only succeed in stressing out your animal or worse if you are FEARFUL inside.  Or if you are too shy and not an assertive person then your energy will work against you becoming their leader.  You cannot fool animals.  I know this may sound a little strange to hear, but trust me, it is true. Your body language is sending out what you are feeling and so is your scent.  Both dogs and horses are super sensitive to BODY LANGUAGE the universal language which is the key that unlocks your bond with your animal.

Humans are keyed into body language as well.  For example:  Have you ever asked someone a question and their words say one thing, but their facial expressions and posture say something else you mixed signals.  Another example:  Have you ever had a friend or family member “repel” you with their energy...meaning...that for some reason in which you can’t explain causes you to not want to be near them.  Well, animals are the same way with reading ENERGY and BODY LANGUAGE.  So speaking full sentences won’t be understood and trying to bribe them with food will only cause them to listen when food is present .  In some cases, I do use food to help me redirect the mind of an extremely fearful dog who needs the scent to bring him back to his natural instincts and then build from there. 

What I NEVER use is fear, intimidation, inhumane force, or mechanical devices that cause pain to get the desired response.  This...I strongly believe is counter productive to building TRUST, CONFIDENCE, and a BOND with a dog or horse.  I also believe that using this type of negative schooling only succeeds in producing either a fearful of human animal or a ticking time bomb that will eventually rebel in a dangerous aggressive manner.

In my experience, FUN is the name of the game when it comes to bonding with any it two legged or four.  My entire life has been dedicated to this three lettered word and I guarantee if you are FUN...then you will be magnetic to your dog or horse. This is the main ingredient to my system of training.   I am not saying that you have to be a giggling fool to train your animal, but if you keep things FUN then you will be someone your animal wants to hang out with and LISTEN to.  Also ,keeping things FUN will increase everyone’s attention span including yourself.  No one enjoys monotonous drilling of techniques or repetitive boring I will show you how to mix it up and use your imagination to engage your fur ball buddy.

THANK YOU !  for visiting my website and I look forward to helping you both out.  Give me a call or shoot me an email...and let’s make an appointment soon for a goal achieving session of FUN.

- Brian O'Hara

We are located in
San Jose, California and serve the entire Bay Area / Silicon Valley. We offer individual and group lessons which train both the dog or horse and the handler / owner simultaneously. Our services include:

• obedience training natural horsemanship horseback riding
• adult & puppy training behavior problem solving balanced seat riding
• behavior problem solving foundation training trail riding
• on leash & off leash colt starting bitless riding
socialization re-schooling ground work

$55/day $30/night = $85 per day/night
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